Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Words, Hope You are Having a Good Time on Your Vacation

Some days the words rush out of my head, push each other out of the way and spill onto the computer screen efortlessly, moving at what seems to be warp speed and way ahead of my haphazard typing skills. Other days it seems as if the individual syllables need to be squeezed out of my fingertips and painfully deposited on the screen.
And yet even on those days when my brain seems capable of no more than one syllable words and two word sentences, my love affair with words continues and my passion for the written and spoken word remains.
Today will be a day devoted to things other than writing, as it seems to be a day when the words cannot be coaxed from the recesses of my mind and I have temporarily misplaced the key to unlock them...at least for now.

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