Monday, July 26, 2010

A Penny Saved...

I grew up with mottos and axioms on the tip of the tongues of parents and teachers..(good morning stur..a story for another day:)). Old favorites like "A penny saved is a penny earned.", and "Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.".
I am sure I have misplaced more than few pennies in my lifetime, but I save in other ways, like shopping at discount, off brand and outlet stores.  When I save money I  always more than a little willing to share (brag) how much and what a great buy I made.  As a matter of fact, my love affair with this type of bargain shopping was illustrated by the picture that my darling daughter-in-law sent me recently.

Guess I better get going and save that!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Caught Between Two Worlds or...A Moving Experience

I'm moving...or maybe I have already moved...not quite sure these days which house, neighborhood or state I can call home.
I have one foot ready to jump into the new and am testing those waters while the toes of the other foot drag in the old, more familiar and comfortable fit of a lifestyle and loose ends are continually swooped up and tied.
One pet (the cat) is at the new house, exploring the corners and new smells while the dogs mostly travel with me on the back and forth journey that has become my temporary life.
For now I am in that place where if I need a book, a small appliance or even nail polish it invariably is at "the other house"...and compromise (or buying another book or bottle of nail polish) is the easy answer.
It is a bother and pain in the butt to have to search for stuff that is no longer in any of the places it used to be.
It is a royal inconvenience to pack up the dogs and leave the house so it can be shown without the added feature of furry monsters who think it is their job to leave dog kisses and leftover fur on the real estate agent and client.
It is scary wondering how long the house will sit without a new family to make it their own while still requiring upkeep and mortgage payments from a bank account that can only easily support one household.
On the other is fun to experience waking up on the floor of an empty room where the only thing that decorates it is the comforter that I wrapped up in the night before. Making the bed was never easier than the quick toss of the pillow and blanket into a closet, starting the day was never more simple with only a few left behind outfits to choose from.
One thing remains the matter which house I am at...the day is officially started when I have that first Diet Coke.
It is time to pop the top on