Monday, March 15, 2010

Channeling Free Time

I am not fluent in tv. It pretty much takes an event like the Olympics for me to sit down and watch. Even as a kid I never thought cartoons were funny or entertaining and rarely watched tv. When the conversation turns, as it does, to who is winning Idol, or what happened on The Office I can add nothing to the spirited and opinionated conversations that take place around me. For years I have followed several tv series based only on the conversation of those around me.
TV is not a huge factor in my life and not because of a religious, philosophical or educational view of television.
I am not and never have been (especially at 8 years old) been interested in making a political statement by not watching. If anything I didn't even bring it up as it seemed almost un-American to not know what was happening in the Cheers bar or in the Friends apartment.
When I lived alone weeks went by without the tv even being turned on. question is..WHAT do I do and what have I accomplished in the hours, days and weeks that the rest of the world watches tv?
Um..I am not really sure..I know what I was not doing. I didn't find a cure for cancer or the common cold, I didn't figure out if there is life on Mars, and I have yet to run a marathon or run for political office.
I read a lot but not enought to fill ALL those hours, crafts and cleaning (neither of which holds my attention for very long) don't do it and I don't have the financial means to travel whenever the urge hits.
Recently I found that social networks were taking up a huge chunk of my time but that is a story for another day.
I think I will probably never be able to account for all that time I didn't spend watching tv...but after reading Seth Godin's blog post for today But it's better than TV I know how I will be trying to use that!

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