Monday, August 17, 2009

Starting jobs, school years that make me blush:)

The call came...the adult child (that is a total oxymoran:)) who has been out of work since January 1 of this year got a job! It is a temp job, lasting a year, in these days of now..a year seems forever and also seems very permanent and lasting. It is a celebration tonight at a family fave restaurant..along with a goodbye to my niece who is heading back to her life as a student.
Good luck and Godspeed to both of them as they begin their new adventures in the now...
A beautiful bouquet of flowers was delivered to me at work..Awesome bright roses , pink carnations, yellow mums and deep purple somethings with sunny was from himself, I read the card and I blushed for the first time in funny and fun is a man that can make a 58 year old woman blush?
Some days the sunshine is but a reflection of the joy in my is such a day!

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