Saturday, August 15, 2009

A new floor and a rainstorm..

The lake house has a new laminate dining room floor this evening..thanks to the hard work of Art, David, Anita and Ron. It is a beautiful floor, laid from the gift of the remains of Molly's condo floor and the last two boxes in the last warehouse in America to carry this type floor. I love will make life easier for all who walk through the door...not having to worry about leaving a wet or muddy print on carpet... huge improvement... one mothers ever get used to seeing their babies (albeit 30 years old:) use a table saw?? I passed a major but quiet mother test today..I did not say "be careful" even once..I am learning...
not heard from my girl today...I love her spirit of independence just as much as she does... but it is fun to share nyc adventures vicariously.. dog hanging downstairs..doesn't like storms..other one sleeping on the couch...
I could also sleep

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